Climate Summit in France, U.S. Snubbed

On December 14, President Macron had a meeting in France which many world leaders were in invited to attend. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss overall climate policy and the decision by the United States to pull out of the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Despite the fact that President Trump has stated he is in favor of renegotiating the deal, he was not invited to attend.

When the United States chose to pull out of the Paris Climate agreement earlier this year, it joined Nigeria and Syria as countries that did not agree to the deals terms. Since that time, both of the other countries have joined, leaving the United States on its own. It would seem that in President Trump’s efforts to weaken the international deal, he is strengthened it. There are many states and cities within the U.S. that have said that they will attempt to cut as much carbon dioxide emissions as the U.S. was supposed to have done.

Trump not being invited to the talks is not surprising but it is something that should be noticed. The U.S. was not invited to a major talk with much of the world and that weakens the U.S. on the world stage when it comes to how much impact it will have on events. In my opinion this trend of being snubbed will probably continue as long as Donald Trump continues to be our president. There is a good chance he will not be invited to many things including the wedding of British Royalty in May of next year. Funnily, former President Barack Obama may receive an invitation.

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