OU Study Abroad Fair

I am sorry to say that I am uploading information about this international event quite late. It took place on the 7th of September in the South Oval from 10am – 2pm and I am happy to say that I was available to go around that time. When I first arrived, I saw the booths I knew would be there which included the more traditional OU ones for Arezzo, Rio de Janeiro, and Puebla. I will be going to Arezzo so I made sure to check out the booth and make sure it met my approval. After all, I can objectively say that Arezzo is the best out of the three destinations and you can take that unbiased statement as fact. 

The handout on the left in the image below is something I got from the lovely people of Arcadia. I saw that it was discussing STEM opportunities and I got all excited about all the exotic places I could go. I have to admit, I was somewhat disappointed when I saw that the main places to visit were in the British Isles. I mean, they are lovely, but what fun is a study abroad experience if you don’t get hopelessly lost and don’t know the language?

The one on the right is a country I would very much like to visit someday. I am honestly not sure why I would rather visit this country over that of Japan. Perhaps it is because I am drawn to a country with a chance of being involved in a devastating land invasion from a hostile foreign power, as that generally spices things up.  Is that just me or … ?

Overall, I enjoyed this event and I did learn about other possible study abroad possibilities.


This is what I took from the event.

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