For my first city on my Italian spring break, I visited the great city of Turin! I arrived by train about 2:00 pm on Friday and made it to my Air BNB which was only about 10 or so minutes from the station. I settled in and then I headed off to explore the city.  My first stop was a gelato place and then the cinema museum. Unfortunately,  the cinema museum was quite crowded and I couldn’t get in so I decided to go to the Automobile museum instead. It was a long walk but it was worth it! I really appreciated their use of space and in the end I picked up a t shirt. Then it was back to the BNB with a quick stop for dinner on the way back.

The next day I got up early and headed down to the Egyptian Museum (the best collection of Egyptian artifacts in the entire world). It was busy but I got to see some truly amazing sites like the a mummified man from before the time of the Pharaohs and  a statue of Ramses II. I would have gotten a shirt but at 23 euros ($28), it was a bit too rich for my blood. I then went to the cinema museum late in the evening. The museum is built right inside the Mole Antonelliana which at one point was the tallest brick structure in the world. I was able to go to the top of it so I went ahead and did that. I was absolutely blown away. The sight of the city at night was truly beautiful. I went back down the elevator and explored the rest of the museum. It mostly emphasized the early history of moving pictures and then it transitioned into the influence of music in movies across the 1900’s and early 2000’s. I then went back to the BNB and had pasta and tomato sauce.

My final day was a rainy one and I spent the some of it exploring the inner city with the rest of it being a sleepy recovery day. I bade my goodbyes the day after and onward I went. Next stop: Verona.

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