Arabic Club Visit

An Italian friend of mine was talking Arabic last semester and invited me to attend one of the Arabic club meetings. I was reluctant at first because I speak zero Arabic but e eventually convinced me to come with him. Most of those in attendance were taking an Arabic language class but others were allowed to be there as well.

When I went they served pastries and some small sandwhichs that I think had lamb in them. It tasted somewhat similar to a gyro and I was a big fan. I had feared that everyone would want to have conversations exclusively in Arabic but this was not the case. A great many of them were in Arabic 1 and II so they weren’t in the mood to try to string together complicated sentences. They had been doing so in their coursework and it wasn’t what they really wanted to do during a social event. The meeting didn’t have a set itinerary, it was basically a quiet party with good food.

I ended up being taught the Arabic phrases for “hello” and “this meat is good” (which sadly I do not remember). To be honest, I’m glad I’m not taking Arabic because the pronunciations are pretty complex and were very much beyond my abilities. French is more my speed.

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