British Election Results Means Brexit Will Go Through

Polling station sign

Yesterday, Brits went to the polls to cast their ballots in the 2019 general election. The results left the Conservatives with 365 seats, a veto proof majority. They accomplished this gain primarily by picking off Labour seats. Labour lost some 42 seats in the election and will now have little say in the new government.

This is a win for Brexit supporters as Boris Johnson has been very vocal in his support for the move. He considers it to be necessary to the success of England as a whole both culturally and economically. 

To prevent  a major upheaval in trade relations, discussions of a backstop have gone on. The backstop would keep the UK in a close trading relationship with the EU and help avoid trade checks that could massively impede items being imported in the UK

Many MPs have been critical, stating that if the backstop was used, the UK could be trapped in it for years. This would prevent the country from striking trade deals with other countries like the United States. This runs contrary to the promises made by conservative leadership that the UK would not be negatively impacted the exit from the European Union.

The finalizing of the British exit deal has some Scots saying that a Scottish exit or “Scexit” could be coming. After such an exit, it is probable that they would request membership in the European Union relatively quickly, with a majority of Scots supporting remain in the 2016 referendum.

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