Global Engagement Day

Last week, I was able to attend one of the global engagement day events. I went to the 10:30 session which was a presentation on how to survive as a student studying abroad and in school. I went to this one specifically because the presenter was a girl named Sarah who is actually a good friend of mine. When I got there, the room was decently full so I chose a seat near the back where I could still see. She had a good presentation and shared some good techniques on keeping one’s head above water during the semester. I personally benefited from her bit on time management and keeping a schedule on what we intend to accomplish each day.

A moment I thought was funny was when a student asked her to discuss how she dealt with stress when dealing with a lot of different priorities. She brought up her experience as a member of the Boomer Rocket Club team and having to attend weekly meetings in order to construct her personal rocket.  I enjoyed this anecdote because we know each other from the rocket team and we will both be officers of that organization come next year! We talked about it later and she said she saw me chuckling when she decided to use that as her main talking point.

Sadly, I was unable to attend any of the other sessions on Global Engagement Day due to my schedule. I was however, able to speak extensively with another friend of mine who attended the final session on how to handle your mental well-being while studying abroad. He found the session quite handy indeed. Its nice to hear that.

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