Thoughts on Brexit and May Surviving No-Confidence Vote

Very recently Teresa May, Great Britain’s current prime minister, was going to propose her Brexit deal that would be the result of years of negotiations with the EU. Unfortunately for her, it became very obvious that the deal would not have the required votes to pass with some demanding a hard Brexit while others desiring as soft a Brexit as humanly possible. Since May’s deal would please no one, she canceled the vote. This triggered a no-confidence vote over her leadership of the Conservative Party which she subsequently won 200 to 117. This is a decent margin but it is still concerning that so many of her own party were willing to throw her out of the leadership position.

The question now facing Britain’s parliament is where to go from here. They could decide to try the vote on May’s Brexit deal but again, it is unlikely that such a deal would pass successfully. An alternative approach would be to reenter negotiations with the EU but it is clear that they are unwilling to make things easier for the nation trying to leave it. Of course, this situation is good for those few who demand a complete break from the European Union with few continuing ties. A hard Brexit coming from a no-deal scenario would be beneficial to those on the far-right who are willing to do anything to ensure that Brexit goes through. 

This is an uncertain time for the country as Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, is considering bringing forth a no-confidence vote for May’s entire administration before Brexit is set to occur. This would likely send the government into chaos as a new prime minister would only have a few short months to bring forth an entirely new Brexit deal. Scary times.

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