Verona Trip

I enjoyed Verona very much. The first day was a slow day for when I got in and as a result I did not leave the hotel very much. I bought some snacks for dinner and I watched The Social Network starring Jesse Eisenberg as the then college student, Mark Zuckerberg. It was a good movie and I fell asleep shortly afterward.

The next day I got up and enjoyed the hotel breakfast. I had some cereal and toast. When I left it was a beautiful day with a light breeze. I decided that I wanted to see Juliet’s tomb which was only a few miles away so I began walking there. On the way I saw what I took to be the Coliseum, but then I remembered that the Coliseum couldn’t possibly be here as it was in Rome! I remembered what my parents had said about Verona having an arena worth visiting so I paid the 10 euro admission and went inside. I found it to beĀ  truly gorgeous! I got to walk all the way around the sides and even in the very center on the floor. It was awesome when I saw that someone had previously written “OUA” in the dirt of the arena floor. To my knowledge, no one else had visited Verona this semester so it may have been around last semester. Crazy.

I then went to Juliet’s tomb. I got lost initially but I found it just the same. It was organized as a Shakespeare/fresco museum and it had some nice qualities to it. The fresco’s were nice but I got chills when I saw Juliet’s supposed tomb. There was so much history in that room room and it was just astounding. Truly incredible.

I then woke up early the next day to catch the outbound train. Off to my next city.

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